German Translation & Localization

Marketing, Software and Technical Translations

You take pride in the quality of your products—but how can you ensure that the translated material reflects this quality?

Does the translation show your commitment to your clients? Will your customers feel comfortable using the product based on the translated material provided? Poor-quality translations cost you not only money, but also valuable time.

Trained, qualified translators not only ensure that grammar, spelling, punctuation and context are correct, but that your documentation is customized to and understood by your target audience.

Are you working with reviewers? WordSpark works directly with reviewers or editors to ensure that the terminology in your documentation is consistent and the translation is customized to your needs, every step of the way.

Layout & Multimedia Editing

If you are working with tight deadlines and with marketing and graphic design professionals in different time zones, you know that multilingual text layout and multimedia editing can be a cumbersome process. Reviews and corrections need to be sent back and forth and the time difference can add days to your schedule, putting an additional strain on your budget.

Whether you need manuals, data sheets, brochures or customer magazines—WordSpark translates, edits and/or lays out text in a variety of industry standard programs, eliminating several steps in an otherwise time-consuming process—a considerable advantage when your graphic designers are busy working on other projects.